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The picture shows a young boy in sunglasses, laughing.

Welcome to Herne!

Germany’s Ruhr region is like one huge city – a metropolis. Herne is not only centrally located in the region, it is also easy to get to, with two motorways, two railway stations, and a canal providing direct access.

A visit to the Ruhr and to Herne is definitely worthwhile. The city on the river Emscher with a population of some 170,000 offers a wide range of leisure and cultural amenities, unique industrial heritage sites, and a fascinating mix of architectural styles.

Herne is a great place to live. Despite a high population density, the city has lots of green spaces and parks. A summer weekend at Gysenberg park, for example, shows how energetic the people of Herne are. It’s a paradise for walkers and joggers, too, with a total 21 kilometres of public footpaths through woodland and open countryside.

There’s a lot to discover

Two young girls enjoy the summer sun in Herne.

Herne’s central location makes it an ideal base for business. Its industrial parks, such as Friedrich der Große and Hibernia, are easily accessible. The logistics sector is booming, and the logistics centre GVZ Emscher combines the three modes of freight transportation – water, rail and road, providing the perfect solution for “last-mile” delivery.

Discover Herne. Especially Crange Kirmes, the biggest funfair in North Rhine-Westphalia, which takes place every August in the Herne suburb of Crange. For eleven days the city is party mood.

Whether you visit Herne in person or via the internet, we wish you a pleasant time!