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Wasser-)X-Kurs (Water X course)

A water-themed adventure trail for cyclists and walkers

Map of the stations of Water X course

You enjoy being out in the country? And you enjoy cycling or walking? Then you shouldn’t miss our Water Adventure Trail. We’ve called it ”Water X course” because it tells you a lot about the importance of water.
It’s all about a region, its history and heritage – and particularly about the role of ”water”. Water isn’t just something to drink – it has healing properties, it protects, it falls as rain. It plays a vital part in sustaining life, in nature and in nature conservation. You can swim in it, sail and drive on it. You can save it or waste it, clean it and store it – in short: there’s a lot to be learned about water.
In and around Herne enthusiasts have collected some fascinating stories and information on the subject of ”water”. At twelve points on our cycle and walking trail, we call them stations, you’ll find interpretive panels to explain the significance of the site. And apart from anything else, the trail takes you through some beautiful countryside.

Download the leaflet Water X course (PDF-Format - 0,7 MByte)